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Melbourne Randonneur

Gippsland Gold
Searching for the Bunyip
Jam for Jamieson
Grand Ridge Road
The Mixed Terrain Series 


Something pithy and brief about the series, what it is and its purpose, 

from the intorduction ride, to the full on randonnee, and finishing with the completely crazy Jam

 Jam for Jamieson 300/400


The third event of the Mixed Terrain Series, and by far the toughest. It features long climbs and fantastic scenery in the Victorian Alpine Region.

This year, for the third time, there will be two distance options 300 or 400. Although both rides are fully supported you'll need to have done an event of similar difficulty or one of the previous Mixed Terrain 200s to enter the 300. As anyone who has done the event before will testify the 300 is ridiculously tough. To enter the 400 you'll need to have successfully completed the 300 or a ride of comparable difficulty. The 400 is a ridiculous undertaking and no one in their right mind would even consider it. 

Great Routes - go to places you never thought possible
Great company
Great support
gravel-grinder mixed-terrain searching-for-the-bunyip
Getting Started or Kicking On


Your introduction to mixed terrain randonnees. Thinking of going long then start you journey here with this mid lenght ride. It'll only take a few hours to become a mixed terrain randonneur and see if you ready to take the next step.

gravel-grinder mixed-terrain grand-ridge-road
Getting Serious About Gravel


Thinking of going long? The 200 is a full day in the saddle and ideal preperation for taking the next step. Time to get some serious all day fun.

Gravel-grinder jam-for-jamieson mixed-terrain
The Ultimate One Day Event


How much fun can you squeeze into one day? A full 300 km, or what about 400 km. It doesn't get much better than this.

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