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Searching for the Bunyip

Gravel Good Times

Date: Saturday 12th October 2024


Registration: Open Soon


Route: 100km (60km of hero gravel)


Climbing: Enough to make it interesting


Subscribe: I want to know more

Oh shit! Gravel cycling! Nothing to worry about. Ride what you bring. Road bike, mountain bike, or whatever you feel like. Just having fun.


Well OK. It isn't quite as easy as a rolling donw to the coffee shop, but appart from a little bit of hero gravel, there isn't that much difference.


No tyre is too skinny for this ride. Bring an extra tube for reasurance, but you'll find nothing to trouble you on this gentle jaunt through the Bunyip State Park. No gnarly descents, no sick single track, just well groomed gravel highways and relaxed good times.



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